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  • Ove Ditlevsen's monographs and lecture notes:


    Chapter 2: Dimension reduction and discretization in stochastic problems by regression method. (eds.: F. Casciati, J.B. Roberts), CRC, Florida, 1996. pdf-file (61 MB).

    STRUCTURAL RELIABILITY METHODS (coauthor: Henrik O. Madsen). John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, UK, 1996, Edition 1.
    Edition 2.3.7: Internet edition, June 2007 pdf-file (2.9 MB).

    Translated to Chinese 2005 by Dr. He Jun, Shanghai Jiaotong University. ISBN 7-5608-3142-7

    UNCERTAINTY MODELING with Applications to Multidimensional Civil Engineering Systems. McGraw-Hill International, 1981. pdf-file (238 MB).

    EXTREMES AND FIRST PASSAGE TIMES with applications in CIVIL ENGINEERING. Some approximative results in the theory of stochastic processes. Dissertation for the degree of Dr.techn. at the Technical University of Denmark 1971, pdf-file (220 MB);
    Download four papers: an older paper (1965) and three newer papers (1985, 2000, 2004) with further developments using level crossing theory. (9 MB)

    Lecture notes

    STOCHASTIC WAVE LOADS ON TUBULAR OFFSHORE STRUCTURES. Models for dynamics and reliability analysis. (3nd edition, web edition, 6+121 pages)
    Maritime Engineering, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Technical University of Denmark, May 2003. zip-pdf-file (3.8 MB, course 41225).

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